Made by hand.

I'm Cara. I am the weaver, seamstress, scavenger, island native, and owner of Seaweaver.  I am a mother to three, an island native, and maker of things.  
Here you will find woven textiles, unique garments and home accents mindfully created by hand from natural fibers. Each original item is made one at a time with an appreciation for artistry, craftsmanship, and in support of Earth conscious living. These matters are at the heart of my work.

My ethic has always maintained the ideals of environmental health, and sustainability. In my shop, every item has been created with all natural, found, traded, or repurposed materials on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. I weave on vintage wooden floor looms, and source my fibers as locally as possible. I am inspired by nature, and I love making things for children. I have always had a love for art, working with my hands, and finding ways to live more simply.

Thank you for supporting small businesses, and helping to make our world a little more green!

Cara DeHeart lives on the island of Nantucket, Massachusettes. She began weaving at a local textile studio in 1998 during her teen years, producing home accents and custom fabrics for Nantucket Looms.
In 2010, she created Seaweaver from the desire to expand her skills with new techniques and concepts, and to experiment with drafting original designs and functional art while chasing after her young children.
Previously trained toward a contemporary aesthetic and custom production, Cara  is comfortable designing in a wide range of styles and absolutely adores making special items for her clients.
Currently, she obsesses over the combination of merino wool and rabbit angora, and daydreams about riding alpacas while weaving on her 60-year-old Macomber floor loom, named Erma.

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